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Programming and CMS design

I am expert at CSS, HTML, PHP, and pretty fair at javascript and MySQL. I am comfortable building full site prototypes, using jQuery and other ajax libraries, and have also developed a custom CMS to use on smaller projects. Below follow examples of pure build - projects where I have been responsible for build rather than design.


Developed over a number of years, using PHP and MySQL, the Blameless CMS has a set of core functions which can be customised to the requirements of the project - featuring single or multiple templates, file management, newsletter and mailing list management, and the ability to offer role-based access. www.swisstopwatches.co

  1. Landing Page
  2. Newsletter management
  3. View Site Pages
  4. Edit Site Page
  5. Manage Files
  6. Manage Users
  7. Issue Reporter

Jeremy MacLynn was responsible for design on this project for Oil Productions, which features a single scrolling page that dynamically pulls in content as the user navigates the pipeline. I was responsible for front-end build, as well as developing a bespoke content management system.