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An old man grips tight the hearts
of his people, his many wives gossip behind stronghold doors
and in hidden places home made aerials
pick up illicit airwaves, irredeemable promises, illegal
news subversion lies ... craving products of imperialism capitalist
fetishism stretch
limousines - but that
was then - and this, what is it now? Utopia
lives in the mouth of the patriarch second
Atlantis, communism and joy whilst western
eyes all lies and promises iconoclasts idolators history's
avenging angels hands raised against precedent, El Presidenté
machinery, joy, terrible joy
and the death of religion and the wide earth
money - self - property/theft my brother my
comrade here is your truth our
truth the lie of history - comrade father dictator .... Later
heat fades, life
starts or rather continues heedless
of this temporary anomaly.


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